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Quality Large Print Availability

The following are some of the publishers that currently carry the prestigious NAVH Seal of Approval for quality large print that is readable by most people who need or prefer large print.

Thorndike Press

Thorndike Press is your source for the largest selection of award-winning, bestselling, popular and classic fiction and nonfiction books in Large Print, offering Large Print titles from yesterday's and today's popular and bestselling authors. Thorndike Press publishes and distributes more than 1,400 new Large Print titles each year with selections for both adults and young adults. Go to GALE/THORNDIKE to view our titles or download our latest catalog.

Center Point Large Print

Center Point Large Print has been publishing exclusive Large Print titles since January 1, 2000. Center Point remains the only independent, U.S.-based Large Print publisher. We publish approximately 300 books per year, printed in the U.S. using revolutionary methods that are safer for the environment. Please click on the logo above to visit our website where you can browse our selection of great titles.

All Center Point titles carry the NAVH Seal of Approval.


Random House is pleased to present our new and exciting large print titles. A complete list of all Random House large print titles is available at our Web site.

Webster's Large Print Crossword Dictionary is perfect for all levels of crossword puzzle and trivia buffs, comprehensive and easy to use!

Webster's Large Print Grammar & Usage is a helpful guide to punctuation and capitalization that identifies common grammatical, stylistic, and spelling errors and how to avoid them.

Also available are the up-to-date Webster's Large Print Dictionary and Webster's Large Print Thesaurus.


The Large Print American Heritage Dictionary, Revised Edition, approved by the National Association for Visually Handicapped, is the ideal dictionary for those who need or prefer large print. Comprehensive and up to date, it has more than 35,000 definitions, with the most current meaning always given first. See their website for more information.

Houghton Mifflin also publishes a large print edition of Roget's II Thesaurus.

Notice to Publishers

If you are a publisher interested in large print, please contact us for more information about our large print standards at 212-889-3141. Quality large print involves more than just increasing font size. We can help you with things like proper contrast, spacing and font type so you can earn the NAVH Seal of Approval.

If you already have large print books and would like a listing on this page, please contact us. NAVH is especially interested in promoting those publishers whose Web sites have dedicated large print sections.