National Association for Visually Handicapped
Serving millions of Hard of Seeing people throughout the world

About NAVH

NAVH is a national health organization solely devoted to serving individuals who currently have visual impairments as well as those who have eye diseases that could lead to serious visual deficiencies. NAVH has been the leader for over 55 years in advocating and providing services for those with low vision.

The NAVH mission is to foster self-esteem, independence and dignity by providing the “hard of seeing” with services, visual aids and the knowledge that their impaired vision need not prevent them from leading normal lives, and to provide them with guidance and information about available assistance that will enable them to fully participate in society.

Whether it has been setting standards for large print books, helping to provide large print options for school children and adults, educating the medical community about low vision, offering educational materials and support services to families of and individuals with low vision, or providing consultation and visual aids to the “hard of seeing,” NAVH has helped improve the lives of thousands of individuals throughout the country.